Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Impromptu visit with Grandpa

Olivia and I needed a few things at the grocery store and I was in need of a Grande Skim Caramel Macchiato, so we headed to Safeway and walked around the store for a bit picking up a few items before hitting the Starbucks counter.  This is where I met Giselle.  Giselle is the Barista at Safeway and boy was she a chatty one!  I really just wanted to get my beverage and buy my groceries and get out!  She wanted to talk all about some documentary on the Discovery Channel about babies being bought and sold in Nicaragua for $100 or so.  She went on and on and on about how it broke her heart and made it hard to sleep at night, etc.  So, now my coffee beverage is a little on the warm side instead of nice and hot.  Oh well!  She was friendly!

On our way to the store, I called Grandpa to see if Olivia and I could stop by for a bit.  I got no answer, so I left a message.  On our way home from the store, Grandpa called back and hoped it wasn't too late for a visit!  We made the turn and headed over!  There is a slight possibility we made Grandpa's day!  We'll definitely have to do that more often!!!

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