Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm a Flower Girl!

Olivia got a beautiful Edible Arrangement from her cousin Jaci the other day.  Here's what the card said!

We're so excited!!

Congrats Jaci and Eric!

Leesburg Bakers Dozen

Every year since 2007 (except the year Olivia was born) Lee has participated in the Leesburg Bakers Dozen which is a 13 hour mountain bike race that takes place on a farm in Leesburg.  I'm sure I've written about this before.  Yes, here!  How could I forget!!  Anyway, Lee couldn't participate in 2010 because I was due to have Olivia any day!  I had planned on dropping Olivia off with Grandma and Grandpa and heading out to the farm to hang out with Lee and all the friends we've made over the years in the biking community.  Plans changed when Grandma and Grandpa needed to head out of town for the day, so Olivia and I headed to Leesburg together!  We had gone to Frying Pan Park earlier that day, so I knew it would be a busy day, but we had a blast!

I guess she doesn't want her picture taken....oh well kid!

Self portrait!

Learning how to tailgate!

She is SO ready for a bike!!  (Mommy isn't though!)

Long day, but so fun!

Frying Pan Park

Olivia and I met Maureen and Adam over at Frying Pan Park a week and a half ago.  It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time!  The kids enjoyed running around and seeing all the different animals.  They also had a blast on the carousel!  I can't say I'm a huge fan of going in circles, but anything for my princess!!

I'm so happy Maureen invited us to go.  Great fun!  Can't wait to take her back!


Easter was definitely a busy day this year.  The plan was for all of us to head to mom and dad's for an Easter Brunch!  Pink eye struck Adam, so Maureen, Andy and Adam headed home before we headed over for brunch.  Poor guy!  I was really looking forward to watching Olivia and Adam play together and have an Easter egg hunt too!  There's always next year!  So, we woke up Easter morning and the Easter Bunny had arrived!!

 The Easter Bunny brought a lot of candy for Andrew but decided on some healthy snacks for Olivia!  Fruit pouches, goldfish, animal crackers, etc!  Who needs all that chocolate anyway??  There was really no way to not give her one of her fruit pouches to enjoy!  In fact, she wanted to eat all of them that morning.  Funny kid!  After the kids got their baskets, it was time for some fun pictures with Andrew and Daddy!

Time to get ready for brunch!  It took a bit to convince Olivia to put on her Easter dress.  I had to tell her it was a Princess dress.  It worked!  Then we had to fight to get her to wear the shoes too!  So, I told her mommy was wearing Princess shoes and that finally worked as well!

This girl is just too much!!!

Time to go to Grandma and Grandpa's!  We headed over and had a wonderful brunch.  Lee took the opportunity for a mini photo shoot after we ate!

After we left Grandma and Grandpa's, we headed to Nana and Papa's house to spend the afternoon with Lee's family!  We didn't get many pictures over there, but we had a great time with the family playing cornhole and just hanging out!  We learned our niece Jaci and her boyfriend Eric are engaged!  More on that later!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Our Girl - The First Year - Part II

The second video is too large to embed here, so you can click on the link below to view it!  Enjoy!!i=1651048371&k=TPm7Mws

Our Girl - The First Year

I was looking at the two videos I put together for Olivia's first 6 months and then her second 6 months and decided I would put them on my blog.  It's truly amazing how much she's changed over the past year.  She will be 2 in just a few weeks....I can't believe it!!

Here is the first 6 months!