Saturday, August 13, 2011

Outdoor Playground

Even though it was a tad cloudy, Lee, Olivia and I took a walk over to Trailside Park for a little fun!  Olivia hasn't been over there since she could walk, so it was fun to see what she would do.  Well, I put her down on the mulch and she just wanted to sit.  She was a little confused what she was supposed to do.  I put her in the swing though....I think she liked it!

After swinging, we walked around a bit to get her used to the uneven ground and she found some new stuff to play on.

 Fun day at the park!

Indoor Playground

Olivia has a new game she likes to play called "Weeeeeee".  When I am sitting on the couch with my legs crossed, she comes over and sits on my top foot and says "Weeeeeee"!!  So, that's my cue to play along!  No video of this yet, but I think you get the gist! 

After Lee snapped these, she wanted to play with the camera......

 What a fun game!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Total Cuteness....

Our little rump shaker has us, as my mother would say, in stitches when she dances.  All it takes is a clap, a snap or any type of sound to get her to bust a move.  Even the theme song from "A Night at the Roxbury" gets her moving!

If that wasn't enough, I put on an episode of "Olivia"......

then there's this one....If you listen closely, you may hear her bark....and then she sings along!

She LOVES her Olivia books and will say "Eeeya" over and over again and point to her on the page!  (disclaimer: pay no attention to the camera operator and her horrible singing)

She's just so much fun we can't even stand it!!

15 Month Appointment

Although Olivia turned 15 months old on July 24th, she just had her 15 month Dr. appointment today.  She did great until shot time.....ugh.  Our little girl is actually little for once.  Here are her stats!

23 pounds 8 oz - 53rd percentile - up only 5 oz from her 1 year appointment and down from 82nd percentile

32 inches - 83rd percentile - up 1 inch and down from 96th percentile

46 cm head circumference - no change in size but down to 47th from 77th

So, it appears she is slowing down on the growing front.  Miss Lauren wanted to test her hemoglobin count to make sure she didn't have any iron deficiencies.  She does not.  So, we're good to go!

She fits right in with other kids 15 months old, for instance:

1) She can say 3-15 words....her words are:

* Daddy - pronounced, Da-Deeeee (she says this one A LOT)
* Andrew - pronounced, Da-Doooo (she says this one A LOT too)
* Mommy - pronounced, Mommy (she says this one....not a lot...oh well!)
* Grandpa - pronounced, BaPa (she asks for him all the time!)
* Bless You - pronounced, Bessyou (after you sneeze even!)
* Banana - pronounced, Nana
* Shoe - pronounced, shoe (we're in trouble, 'cuz she LOVES shoes)
* Water - pronounced, wawa
* Hi - pronounced, HI (she says this to anyone and everyone she sees, along with a wave)
* Bunny - pronounced, Nunny (this is her bunny from Uncle Mark that she sleeps with)
* Moo - when asked what a cow says
* Baa - when asked what a sheep says (although, she misses this one frequently)
* La La La - when asked what the three singing pigs say (trust me, it's a good book - "Moo, Baa, LaLaLa"
* No - pronounced, no (although she's not sure what she's saying.....yet
* What - pronounced, wha (again, she's not sure what she's saying)
* What's that? - pronounced, Whasat
* Who's that? - pronounced, Whosat
* Cheese - pronounced, cheese (she says this when she steals our phones and poses for a self portrait)
* Cheers - pronounced, Cheo (she says this and clinks her cup on ours - adorable!)
* OLIVIA!!! - pronounced, Eeeya (Which she sings when she hears the Olivia theme song!)

Some words she has said but only once or twice are, yellow, red and lemon.....So, I'd say she is saying 3-15!

2) She can identify at least 2 body parts.....

* She shows her belly button when asked where it is....she'll even try to find yours if you ask her!
* She knows her nose!  And other people's noses when asked

We are working on ears, mouth and elbow now

3) She is walking.....self explanatory!

4) She has teeth.....she has 6 with 2 more coming in (apparently 8 was the magic number, so since her top front teeth are cutting through now (finally) we'll say she met this one too!

These were the main milestones we discussed today, so I'd say our little princess is doing great!

She had to get 2 vaccines today, but luckily they were mixed into one shot.....but it wasn't pretty!  Before she got that though, they had to take some blood from her toe to test her hemoglobin count.  She was totally fine with that one......then the shot in her leg.....yeah, she wasn't too excited.  Luckily, mommy brought Nunny to the party and that seemed to calm her down a little bit, but she was none too pleased!

Our baby girl is growing up so fast and we are just loving every fast minute of it!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Beach Favorites

I thought these pictures deserved their own post!

Beach Trip....Going Home!

Saturday was a little hectic as we all packed up and got ready to go home.  Our drive home was definitely not as long but Olivia wasn't as thrilled with this trip.  Perhaps she was just sad to be leaving the ocean!  We left after breakfast so we only needed to stop to eat one time.  We stopped at a Chick-Fil-A near Williamsburg where they had retired folks walking around the dining room offering fresh cracked pepper, mints, hand wipes and even place mats for the kids!  They got refills for people and even cleaned up the trash.  I thought we were on another planet!  I brought Olivia a container that had peas, chicken and blueberries and that's what she enjoyed.  She sat so nicely in the high chair with her little place mat and plate.  What a little lady!  Not too long after lunch, this is how we found her.....

Apparently Vivien had the same thought on her trip home.....

Great time had by all!

Beach Trip Day 7

Friday was out last day at the beach so we did it up!  We had our normal morning and headed over to the beach for one last hoorah!

We didn't catch too many pictures but we sure did walk a lot on the beach!  Olivia led the way.  She walked so far holding our hands and when she needed a rest, she pulled her hands down and sat on the sand!  Then, when she was ready to go further, she would get up and grab our hands and start walking!  She was so funny!  We played in the sand and went down to the water a few times before it was time to pack it up and head back to the house for lunch and naps.  Today we got smart and put shampoo and soap in the outside shower so we could all take advantage of showering outside!  I had a blast bathing Olivia outside!  I brought her in and shampood her up while she stood in the shower.  So fun! If I knew what we were about to do after nap time, I would've waited to bathe her!

After naps, it was watermelon time!  Oh what fun....

The aftermath.......

Well, after this crazy mess, we had to give her another bath!  She had watermelon dripping down under her outfit and into her diaper.  She had chunks of watermelon in her hair!

All clean and in a new outfit ready to get some play time in with Vivien!

The girls had such a blast playing together.  Andrew had a great time too!

Who has the crazy hair?

Say what?
 Once again, the girls ate dinner and went to bed and the rest of us ate our dinner and enjoyed each others' company for the last night of vacation!  We had steak and rice for our last night. 

So sad our trip was ending but I think we were all all ready to get home and sleep in our own beds!