Monday, April 12, 2010

The Waiting Game.....

Anybody who has gone through a pregnancy understands what the title of this blog truly means.  It means you have NO control whatsoever.  It means that no matter what you do, the baby is in charge.  I have been told this before, but never truly understood the agony until now.  I realize that my due date is not for another weekish, but knowing the baby could arrive at any time makes that due date irrelevant.  It definitely puts me in a vulnerable position.  Knowing this could happen at any moment is both exciting and nerve-racking.  My pregnancy has been absolutely fantastic.  I don't think it could have gone any smoother.  I experienced no morning sickness, didn't really have any food oversions, haven't gained TOO much weight (too much for my liking, but not too much for the doctors), and until recently had no issues whatsoever!  Just about a month ago, my feet and ankles started swelling up like balloons by the end of the day.  My back has become pretty sore and almost painful.  But, if these are the only issues I've dealt with, I'll take it!!! 

So, now, we sit back and wait for this precious little girl to get here so we can give her all the love in the world!!!  Here's to the waiting game......tick tock tick tock

Monday, April 05, 2010

38 Week Picture!

I can't believe were just a little bit more then 2 weeks away from Baby Girl's due date!  It is so hard to believe that she's almost here with us!!  We cannot wait.  Her nursery is just about there.  Pictures will be coming soon!  We wanted to be completely finished before taking pictures of her room!  In the mean time, I thought I'd post a belly pic!  This is from Easter Sunday while soaking up some sun at mom and dad's house.  Lee calls this a baby bump.....I call this a baby mountain!

Easter Weekend - Part II

Easter Sunday was another wonderful day!  Started off very relaxing at home and then Lee began making the deviled eggs we were to bring over to mom and dad's for Easter lunch!  We all got ready and headed over around 11:30.  It was great to spend the afternoon with my family and see Adam on his first Sunday!  What a cutie that boy is.  I can't say it enough!  Lee didn't get many pictures, but mom and Mark sure did! 

Our lunch consisted of ham that Maureen and Andy brought and cooked, mac 'n cheese that dad made, green beans, rolls and a salad!  It was a very nice lunch and everybody enjoyed every bite!  After lunch, we all made it outside for some bubbles!  Adam seemed interested for about a second or two, but it was the adults who enjoyed the magic bubble wand the most!  Andrew played a game with Liddy called "how high can you jump for a silly stick".  And boy did she jump!!! 

Here are a bunch of pics from the day!  Enjoy!

Easter Weekend - Part I

Easter Weekend was packed with family and fun!  Starting off with Saturday.  Lee volunteered to make BBQ (pork and chicken) and cole slaw for the cookout at the Pfleckl's house.  So, he set the alarm and got up at 5AM to get the smoker started!  I know, crazy right?  While I was sleeping, I could smell the charcoal and smoke coming in our bedroom window from the deck below.  Definitely crazy, but definitely worth it!  He got the pork and chicken on the smoker around 5:30 and they just smoked away for the rest of the day.  We headed over around 3:30 with all the food in tow.  Everybody was hungry!  Good thing too!  That was a lot of meat! 

The weather was absolutely spectacular on Saturday and the kids (and adults) took advantage of the back yard and played every type of "ball" sport there is!  I think everyone was pretty tired by the end of the day!  Here are a few pictures from the day!