Friday, January 29, 2010

29 Weeks and this and that......

I know a lot of time has passed since Christmas, but I just haven't had much to write about I guess.  So, here are a few things that have been going on in no particular order:

1) Andrew started drum lessons last night!!  He LOVES them.  I am so happy we decided to send him to Ben.  Ben is a classmate of mine from high school that teaches drum lessons all over the area and works with local high school bands.  He's extremely talented and I'm happy he is working with Andrew

2) Glucose test.  Blah!  I had my glucose test on Tuesday.  For those of you who haven't gone through it.  It really isn't all that bad, you just have to drink a nasty glocose drink an hour before your appointment at which time they take your blood and test your sugar.  I haven't heard back from the doctor's office, so I assume everything is ok!  In fact, I haven't thought about it until this very moment!  I am not a huge fan of needles, so I'm hoping this was a good test so I don't have to do the 3 hour one (3 blood thank you!)

3) Lee's photography business.  Lee is doing so well with his photography business.  He has already booked two events for 2010.  One is a reception that will take place on February 6th at Hidden Creek (where we got married) and the other is a wedding in June at Piedmont Country Club!  Over the past few months we put together a great event contract that he will use for these events and so far, so good!  Hopefully word of mouth will keep spreading and it will make 2010 a great year for the business!  His website is still under construction but is getting there!!!

4) Adam's Baptism.  Adam was baptized on January 17th.  This was a very special day for him and we celebrated with a wonderful brunch at mom and dad's after!  You can see more about the event on Maureen's blog here.

5) Third trimester.  I can't believe it, but I'm already in my 3rd trimester!  In fact, today I am 29 weeks.  So hard to believe!! tells me this today: Your baby now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds (like a butternut squash) and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heelI just can't believe I've been pregnant for 29 weeks!  That's just crazy talk!  After my next appointment on February 22, I will start going to the doctor every 2 weeks.  Just so exciting!!!  We just can't wait to meet her!!

6) We started working on the nursery.  By that, I mean we started organizing the garage so that we can move Andrew's bed into the garage and the guest room bed into Andrew's room so that we can actually start working on the nursery!!  I'm definitely ready to get in there and get it started!  Our plan is to go to Babies 'r Us sometime soon to look at the bedding we chose so that we can get a color swatch from Home Depot and get painting!  Well, Lee and Andrew will do the painting while I go get a mani-pedi or something like that!!

7) Baseball tryouts.  Andrew had baseball tryouts last Saturday morning.  We'll find out in a month or so what team he is on and then let the practices begin!  I believe he will start practices in the beginning of April.  Not sure how many games I'll get to this year, but I know I'll get to some!!

I'm sure there have been plenty other things that have gone on since Christmas, but these are ones that came to mind! 

Here's to an exciting and FAST February!!!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Christmast morning was very quiet.  We woke up and had a wonderful breakfast, enjoyed coffee, enjoyed each other's company, enjoyed some Food Network!  Then it was time to get all the gifts together to bring over to mom and dad's for the Greeley Family Christmas!  We loaded up the car and headed over around 10:30 or so.  We had plenty of time to just sit and relax before Maureen, Andy, Adam and Liddy arrived around 2:00.  After visiting for a bit, it was time to open gifts!!!


We all made out very well on Christmas this year!  (as we do every year - Thanks Santa!!)  After a few hours of opening gifts, we had plenty of time to enjoy each other's company!  I got some alone time with Adam.....I think he may have gotten bored, as he fell asleep on me!  Ok, I guess I fell asleep too!

Adam snuggling with his Aunt and Cousin!

I don't think he could be cuter!

The newest addition to the mantle!!  Hope there's room for a new one next year!

Dinner time!!!!  We sat down and enjoyed a marvelous "Thanksgiving Dinner" for Christmas!!  I was very excited since I was away from my family for the first time this year on Thanksgiving.  I was able to enjoy wonderful turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes and STUFFING!!!  My favorite!  Dinner was so nice since we had a new addition at the table this year! 

After dinner, it was time for the annual Christmas Day Stair Photo!  Usually, this photo is taken in the morning before we even see the gifts under the tree.  Since we are getting older and have other family obligations, we're getting over to the house at different times.  Here are some of my favorites from the photo shoot!

After the fun on the stairs, Lee was able to get a few shots of Adam.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Christmas Eve Part II

After leaving Danielle and Eric's, we headed back home to meet Andrew's mom who would take him back to McLean to celebrate Christmas with his younger brother and sister.  Little did he know, we had a surprise up our sleeves!!!  Watch this!!

Christmas Eve

I don't know why it has taken me so long to post about the holidays.....maybe it was because of the holidays!!!  Anyway, excuses excuses!!!  Christmas Eve started off as a half day at work (BOOOOOO), but at least it wasn't a full day right??  We left the office around 11:15 or so to pick up Andrew from his grandparent's house in McLean so we could head out to Lee's sister Danielle's house for the evening festivities!!  On our way to get Andrew, we came across this:

This snowman was probably at least 10 feet tall!  It was incredible!!!

We picked up the boy and headed out to Bristow.  Lee made 2 lasagnas for the family to enjoy for dinner, so we got there early enough to get them put in the oven and had some great visiting time with Danielle and Eric.  The rest of the family showed up and the eating began!!!  Dinner was great and it was time for presents!!! 

Lee's family draws names for Christmas, which makes it easy since there are so many of us!  So, on Thanksgiving, we each drew a gift tag that we had each filled out earlier in the day.  We put our name on it and 3 gift ideas so that the person who picked our name wouldn't struggle!!  I had our niece Jaci.  She's so easy to shop for because she only wanted gift cards to specific stores!  So, a gift card it was!  Andrew drew Cole's name and gave him a little see 'n say toy to help him learn his animal sounds!  Lee drew Staci's name.  Since she lives in North Carolina and wouldn't be up for Christmas Eve, he sent her an iTunes gift card to her email!  Worked out perfectly!!  We all made out with great gifts from everyone.  Thanks to our niece Sarah, I will be able to shop at Target and diaper baby girl!  She gave me a box of 92 diapers!!  Thanks Sarah! 

Lee had the camera out and was taking pictures, but most were just candid shots of people.  I have posted a few random pictures so you can see we were actually there!  (although, you won't be able to see that I was there because the two pictures I was in were not very flattering or blog worthy!)

Alec and Danielle

Cole Bug

Jaci and Cole


Connor and Danielle getting the lasagnas ready!


I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas Eve!!