Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today's Blog

I wish I could be as awesome as my friend Leah. She has something to blog about every day! I guess my life isn't as awesomely awesome as hers!! I do love reading her blog though, so I hope she continues to blog away!

Given that the Tour de France is in its second week, I thought I would enlighten everyone with a quote of the day!

If you want to know what it feels like to crash while racing in the tour:

"While riding in your car at 45 miles an hour, strip down to your underwear and jump out"

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just trying to understand......

Yesterday, a father left his 21 month old son in a car to die. This couple spent a long time trying to adopt little Chase and now he's gone.

There are many things I have forgotten in my lifetime.

I have:
1) forgotten to turn the curling iron off
2) forgotten to bring my computer to work
3) forgotten to buy milk at the store
4) forgotten to call my father on his birthday
5) forgotten how to do algebra
6) forgotten many things........

But, I cannot and will not EVER understand how ANYBODY can "forget" that their child is in the car and leave them there to die. I can't think of any excuse for this horrible tragedy. This isn't the first time this has happened either. People need to take a deep breath and slow their lives down just a bit. People say "stop and smell the roses", I say "stop and remember your kid is in the back seat". Get it together people!

Monday, July 07, 2008

The 4th of July Weekend!

This year, my parent's attempt at getting us to go to Wintergreen for the 4th of July finally worked! I'm glad it did. We had a great time! Lee and I left work at 1:00 on the 3rd and went home to gather our things and Farley! He got to go with us on our little trip. Aside from the stupid speeding ticket we got on the way down there, the trip itself was uneventful. We got there, unloaded the car, let Farley walk around and smell every square inch of the house, and settled in for dinner. Unfortunately, Lee had to do some work over the weekend so he took his laptop up to the Mountain Inn so he could dial in and do work. Meanwhile, we enjoyed some salmon at the house. Lee got back around 8:00 and we heated up some food for him. It was a pretty relaxing night (except when Farley wanted to go outside at 3 in the morning).
Friday was a beautiful day for golf. I played with Mom, Dad and Mark up at Devil's Knob. I played pretty well only losing 3 golf balls the whole round! Pretty good considering the course is very narrow and not forgiving at all! I shot a 102 which sounds high, but made me happy! If I could learn how to putt I'd be in great shape! While we were playing Lee took Farley for a hike. Here are some picture from that excursion! What a tired puppy after that hike!

Friday night we headed up to the ski slopes to watch the fireworks show. Fantastic!! We brought a ton of food including: cantaloupe soup, sandwiches, hummus, bean salad, pasta salad and wine! The weather cooperated and we had a fantastic time!

We woke up Saturday morning to a wonderful rainfall. No golf for me today! Oh well. Instead, Lee and I went up to the Mountain Inn where he did some more work and we walked around the craft fair and the shops in the Inn. The rest of the day was spent relaxing.

Sunday we woke up, packed up, and hit the road around 11:30. We headed to Lee's parent's house for a late lunch/early dinner then head on home. Great weekend!