Sunday, November 13, 2011


This was Olivia's second Halloween and I was definitely skeptical because of her lack of excitement for anything on her head.  My co-worker and friend, Deanna, let us borrow a lion costume that her son wore a few years ago and I was definitely excited because Olivia loves lions.  Any time she sees one, she ROOOAAAARRRRSSSSS.  For the 2 weeks before Halloween, I showed her the costume and let her play with the head piece, but as soon as I attempted to put it on her head, all bets were chance was I going to get that on her head without "forcing" it.  So, I was patient for 2 weeks and then it was "the" day, so I had to try again!  We got home from picking her up at daycare after work and I just bit the bullet and put it on her.  She definitely fought me, but I won, 'cuz I'm bigger ;)  I knew as soon as I got it on her, she would love it, and I was right!  So, 10 seconds of screaming and crying were all pushed aside once she saw herself in the mirror. ROOOAAAARRRRRRR!  It was only 5:30, still daylight, but we didn't care.  We took her outside and let her run around with her pumpkin while Lee snapped pictures.  Our neighbor had her candy out on her front porch already, so that made for some good pics as well!  Enjoy!