Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day Out!

Sunday was a great day for Olivia and me.  We got up and got ready to go pick up Grandma and head to Hidden Creek for breakfast with Auntie 'Reen and Adam.  The pancakes were great and the company was even better!  Grandpa got to see both the grandkids, though briefly as he had to hit the links.  It was great to see Adam sit in a high chair for the first time at a restaurant.  He certainly loved throwing all his toys and books on the ground and watching Auntie Kathleen and Mommy pick them up each time! 

After breakfast, we headed out to Target to do some shopping.  I am in desperate need of some clothes since I'm very "in between" right now and Maureen is heading to the beach in two weeks and needed some items for the trip.  Was a fun time!  We were thinking of heading over to Reston Town Center to walk around and do a little more shopping perhaps, but Adam was getting a little fussy due to some teeth coming in and it was time for Olivia to do some more eating, so we just called it a day.

What a great day! 

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