Sunday, May 23, 2010


Sarah and I have known each other since 6th grade and have been great friends since junior year of high school.  Our last names were such that our lockers were next to each other every year (well, until Heidi Greene moved in and split us up).  So, it made sense that we would get married in the same year (only 3 months apart) and have our first child in the same year (only 2 1/2 WEEKS apart).  Yep!  Olivia was born  April 24th and Vivien was born on May 13th! 

When Sarah found out she was having a girl, the way she told me was "Well, I see a lot of tea parties and pony rides in our future".  Ha! 

Yesterday, Olivia and Vivien got to meet each other for the first time.  Here they are posing for their first (of MANY) photos together!

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