Sunday, July 25, 2010

3 Months!

I really can't believe how quickly 3 months has gone by.  Sometimes I feel like Olivia has been in our lives forever, but it really has only been 3 months.  And what a wonderful 3 months it has been!  We have been through rough times but mostly happy and wonderful times!  She really never ceases to amaze us with her smiles, giggles, and just all around cuteness.  It seems like every day she is doing something new.  Whether it's smiling, laughing, talking, or reaching for her toys and pacifier, she seems to do it differently every day.  We were going to venture to the great outdoors this weekend to take her 3 month photos, but the 100 degree weather kept us indoors.  Lee put together the indoor photo studio again and we had fun playing around and doing anything and everything to get some cute smiles from her.  Here are a few!

She obviously didn't like the "N" so she decided to kick it to make it a "Z"

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful and healthy little girl to make us smile every day!

Monday, July 19, 2010

New things

I feel like we notice something new with Olivia every day.  But some of the newest things include:

1)  She has discovered her hands. 

She is constantly putting her hands together and holding them very close to her face so she can look at them.  This also causes her to go cross-eyed, so I hope this phase doesn't last too long!

2)  She has learned to fall asleep on her own. 

This is HUGE.  For the first 12 weeks, in order for Olivia to sleep during the day, she would have to be held and rocked to sleep and then she would have to stay in mine or Lee's arms in order to remain sleeping.  So, not only is she sleeping without us holding her, she is actually falling asleep without being held.  Progress!!

3)  She has found her voice!

Although she isn't saying anything, well, in English anyway, she is definitely talking!  I think we are in trouble because she talks A LOT and LOUDLY!  Fun!

I know there are probably a million other little things she is doing every day to impress us, but those are the notable ones!! 

Man, this is fun!

What a Weekend!

The weekend started on Friday for me since I was off work for the day.  Olivia and I headed to Grandpa's to enjoy some lunch and quality time.  Grandma even got to see us when she got home from playing golf before we needed to head home. 

Once Lee got home from work, it was time to turn right around and head back to Grandma's and Grandpa's for a family dinner!  But, not before Lee put together an amazing peach cobbler to have for dessert!  Dinner was fantastic.  It consisted of a wonderfully delicious prime rib, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and rolls.  Yum!  It was a great opportunity for the whole family to get together.  The meal ended with us flipping through some old family photos.  Not sure how I felt about that one!

Olivia and I spent Saturday morning together while Lee went for a mountain bike ride with friends.  We hung out in her room getting her old clothes (seems weird to say "old" clothes when she's only 12 weeks old!) put away and organized her current wardrobe.  I removed the bumpers from her crib and got her changing station all put together.  This was in anticipation of "The Big Move".  Olivia has been sleeping in our room since she was born.  It was time to make the change and move her over to her bedroom.  There were a few last minute things that needed to be done before the transition was made, so we got a nice head start!

Saturday evening was a Daddy/Daughter night while Maureen and I headed to Wolf Trap to see Idina Menzel!  What a fabulous night!  Maureen brought some fresh french bread, wonderful cheeses and delicious bruscetta while I put together a pasta salad and chocolate covered strawberries.  We enjoyed wine and  a lot of laughs.  The show was fantastic and we were even able to get out of there with NO traffic at all!  Stellar!  I know Maureen snapped a few pictures and they will probably end up on her blog at some point in time!  (Most likely, later today)

I got home to find Olivia had officially been moved to her own room.  Lee and Olivia had a great night together.  They even watched 24 Solo which is a fantastic documentary about a mountain biking champion who was going for a record by trying to win a 24 hour mountain bike race.  You should check it out!  During the evening, Lee got Olivia's crib fixed up and ready for her and even had her in bed by 9!  She slept great in there and didn't wake us up until about 6 AM yesterday!  Great job for her first night in her room. 

Sunday was a lazy day, for me anyway!  Lee headed out for a bike ride and put the rest of Olivia's room together by hanging some book shelves and her valance and moving the glider from our room to hers.  It was perfect feeding her in there last night and putting her to bed in her own room.  She slept until 5 this morning which would've been perfect if I was going to work today!  But, I'm not.  I'm actually taking today and Friday off and will go back to work completely full time next week.  Lee will take Olivia to school today so I will have a day to really get things done.  I was hoping to sleep in, but since she got up at 5, that ship didn't sail! Oh well, I'm sure I'll get a nap or two in at some point today!

All in all, a great and successful weekend for us! 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Alisia's 1st Birthday Party

Saturday was Alisia's 1st birthday.  Alisia is the daughter of our good friends Catalina and Brian.  They had a big party for her filled with Carolina Bros. BBQ, drinks, and fun.....oh, and a TON of kids!  Olivia was definitely the youngest there.  There was a set of twins, a boy and a girl, who are 6 months old, a little boy who is 6 months old, a little boy who is almost a year old, a little girl who is 2, another little girl who is 4 and, of course, Alisia, the 1 year old.  There were infant carriers all over the house!  Here is a snapshot....notice that I'm one of the only adults on the floor amongst all the babies.....

It was a lot of fun and we know the birthday girl had a blast!

Happy 1st Birthday Alisia! 

Feet and Tummies.....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Little things....

Olivia is changing every day right before our eyes.  Some of the things she does:

1)  She smiles constantly
2)  She's starting to giggle, yet with no sound (Lee got her to make a little giggle noise while teaching her about her feet....missed it on the video camera though)
3)  She smiles every time she sneezes
4)  She talks....a lot.  This is cute now, but what are we in for down the road? 
5)  She moves constantly.  Even when you think she's sleeping, she is moving all around

On a different note, Olivia starts "school" tomorrow.  I think it will make me feel better to call it that.  I take this tip from Maureen who has always called Adam's childcare "school".  I keep telling myself that everything will be ok because I know it will be, but I am a mess!  I have spent almost every moment with her since she was born, so breaking away from her will be difficult.  We're starting off with a 1/2 day tomorrow and then I go back to work on Tuesday.  I can't wait for everyone to come in my office and ask me how I'm handling it.  I think I might just keep my door closed all day!  The good thing about Olivia going to school is that she'll be forced into a routine.  It will help us out to have her on a regimented napping routine and hopefully it will help her learn to sleep on her own without being held.  She has gotten a lot better about this over the past week, so we'll see! 

Wish us all luck!

Friday, July 09, 2010

4th of July!

As Maureen said in her blog, we continued our tradition of heading to Wintergreen for the 4th of July.  This year was a little different because we had two babies with us!  So, we didn't head up for the incredible fireworks we have seen up there the past few years, but we watched some on TV and enjoyed hanging out with the family. 

This was Olivia's first trip to Wintergreen and I must say, the trip was very successful!  She was a champion all weekend.  We started her on Zantac last week for some reflux that has been bothering her and I think it really worked.  She slept so well down there and allowed Lee and I to catch up on some much needed rest.  She literally slept through the night all 4 nights we were there.  Unreal!  I just wish she had continued that trend at home. 

Everybody pitched in and made food for the weekend (I made cookies which were pre-made so all I did was bake them).  Hey, what do you want from me?  Lee made dinner on Friday, made coleslaw for Saturday (and for weeks to follow) and cooked the sliders and dogs for Sunday night.  Andy smoked ribs for Saturday night.  There were lots of side dishes that everybody pitched in to create as well! 

It was a lot of fun to spend the weekend with Adam and celebrate his 10 month birthday!  We realized the next day that his 10 month birthday was Olivia's 10 week birthday!  Maureen made an awesome cake for Adam's day, although he didn't get to eat any.  We enjoyed it though!!

There were many pictures taken over the weekend.  Here are a few!

A great time was had by all and we look forward to next year already!

Olivia is talking.....well, sorta!

I'm not sure what she's saying, but she's trying to say something!

Thursday, July 08, 2010