Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1 Month Appointment

Olivia had her 1 month doctor visit this morning.  She was so good even though her eating time was approaching.  She fussed a little bit while we were waiting for the nurse, but we walked around the room and looked at all the cool dinosaurs that were hanging around.  They are very happy with her weight gain and eating habits and gave her a clean bill of health!

Her stats at 1 month old:

9 pounds 6 oz - 56th percentile
22.5 inches - 92nd percentile
37.5 cm head circumference - 62nd percentile

She's growing perfectly!  She did have to receive a vaccine today which I know hurt me more than it hurt her.  She did great and only cried for a second before completely relaxing for the drive back home.

We are so happy that our baby girl is so happy and healthy!  Her next appointment is in a month where she will receive a bunch of vaccines...Yikes!!!

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LeahBear said...

aw, I feel her pain with those vaccines. :(