Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Visit with the Glessners

This past weekend wasn't the nicest of weekends.  We had a lot of rain and not-so-warm temperatures.  Andrew's baseball practice was canceled on Saturday so Lee took advantage of having the whole day and went to Wegmans first thing in the morning to buy groceries and MEAT to smoke!!  He spent the day out on the deck (it was warm when the sun was out) smoking a brisket and some ribs.  This was our first experience with brisket, both cooking it and eating it.  We weren't totally impressed, but Lee will do some research to figure out the best way to prepare it.  I spent the day doing more organizing around the house and more importantly, getting rest! 

Sunday morning Lee got up and headed out to Fountainhead Regional Park to shoot another EX2 Adventures Backyard Burn running race.  There is one more of these left in the series and that will be on April 11th.  He is working with Swim Bike Run Photography and having a blast!  After he got home, we headed over to Stefany and John's for the afternoon!  I have known Stefany since middle school and within the past 2 years we have gotten close again.  She has been SO generous with baby things and baby advice since we found out we were pregnant.  She and John enjoy photography and have a lovely home in Great Falls where they see a lot of wildlife.  They want to be able to capture those perfect moments on camera and asked if Lee would come by and work with them on some of the settings and techniques with their camera.  While outside, Lee snapped a bunch of photos of their dog Raven, their son Ethan, Andrew and me.  Take a look!

Stefany with her camera

Raven (yes, named after the NFL team - Stefany was a cheerleader for the Ravens)


Yowsa!  37 weeks!

Lee has also started a photography blog!  You can check it out at http://blog.leediehrphotography.com/!

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