Wednesday, March 03, 2010

33 weeks and this and that.....

As of today, I am 33 weeks and 5 days along......seems like yesterday we were having to keep our little girl a secret!  Now, she'll be here in a month and a half!  Unreal!!  Things are definitely starting to come together at the house.  Lee put the crib together a few weeks ago and he will paint this weekend!!  Meanwhile, we've been doing a lot of organizing in the house so her nursery will be all set when she gets here! 

She has been moving around like crazy.  There is no question she will be a restless little one!  Although, all her movements are during the day, so I think she has her nights and days figured out!  Yay!! 

My first shower is on Saturday and I can't wait!!  Lots of friends and family will be there and it will be fabulous!!  I'll be sure to have somebody take a ton of pictures so I can do a blog about my shower before Maureen does!!  To hold you over, Lee took a picture of me at 32 weeks, so here it is!

This weekend, I'm hoping to have more photos taken so I can update my belly "bump/mountain" pictures!!

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LeahBear said...

I'll be happy to help with the picture-taking!