Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Baby Shower with Friends and Family

Saturday was my "Family & Friends" baby shower.  The day started off a little rough however.  Mom, Dad and Rosemary all woke up sick on Saturday.  And when I say sick, I mean sick.  Dad was better off than Mom and Rosemary and was able to make it downstairs to say a quick hello and head down to the "man cave" to enjoy some sports with Jerry (Cousin Jackie's husband).  So, needless to say, I had a rough morning knowing my own mother would not be able to attend my baby shower.  I had a minor breakdown, but had to pull it together because I knew the shower would still be fabulous, and boy was I right!!! 

I first had to go to the salon to get my hair cut.  The last time my hair was cut was when I had 10" chopped off the first weekend of August!!!  So, I obviously needed a little something done!  After my hair appointment, I headed back home and got ready so Lee could drop me off for my big party!!!  We got there and Maureen walked me around to show me all the decor!  I didn't know the theme of my shower until I got there!  It was a "Storybook Shower".  What a fantastic idea!!!  All the food was named after different storybooks.

The menu:

"1 fish, 2 fish, Red fish, Blue fish" punch 

"Peter Rabbit's" garden veggie Platter

"Madeleine in Paris" baked brie

"Jack and the Beanstalk" salad
"Green Eggs..." (mini-quiches)"...and Ham" (make your own ham sammies)
"Chicken Little" tarts
"Old MacDonald and Cheese" 
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" fruit kabobs

"The Velveteen Rabbit" cake
"If you give a Mouse a Cookie" chocolate chip cookies

The food was fabulous and everyone seemed to really enjoy it!!  After everyone filled their bellies with all the wonderful food, it was time for presents!!!  Maureen went upstairs to check on mom to see if she might be able to at least watch me open my gifts from upstairs, but she was just so sick.  But, as they say, "The Show Must Go On".....so it did! 

I am so thankful for such wonderful family and friends.  The amount of gifts this little girl got on Saturday is just so unbelievable!  I don't even know how to thank everyone!!!  Here are just a few of the pictures of the gift opening extravaganza!!!!!

It was so much fun opening all the fabulous gifts from everyone who attended!  I can't believe how many books Baby Girl will get to read!!  Lee is thinking up a plan for bookshelves as I type!  Since all the guests were asked so bring a book in lieu of a card, Baby Girl ended up with a TON of books.  Some people brought more than one!  I can't wait to start reading them all to her!!  And for favors, Ami put together some beautiful bookmarks for everyone to take home with them!

It was wonderful catching up with old and new friends!!

Work Peeps!

The PVHS Class of '95 Clan!

The only two things missing from this fantastic party were Mom and Rosemary.  I was so sad they couldn't be there, but the shower was still a wonderful success!!

Thanks to Mom, Maureen, Ami, Jackie and Anne!  XOXO!

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