Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Office Baby Shower

**Photos posted**

Today, our office folks threw a shower for Lee and me.  It was so nice!!  Since both of us work here, my department and his department got together to plan and put it all together.  The snacks consisted of various types of chips with dip, strawberries, grapes, chocolate chip cookies and a pretty cake!!  Lee and I were front and center in the auditorium to open the gifts.  Talk about being the center of attention!  Both groups got together and got us the wonderful bedding for Baby Girl's crib and our video monitor for her room.  One of our co-workers put together a wonderful diaper cake and gave us the leftover diapers in a bag with some bath items!  Baby Girl made out with a few handmade blankets, a lot of onesies and sleepers, outfits and some stuffed animals.  She is one lucky girl!!  Because the party was for us, Lee didn't get the opportunity to take pictures, but one of my co-workers snapped a few shots.  I will post those at a later time!! 

We are lucky to have such wonderful co-workers!!!!

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