Monday, December 12, 2011


Just like last year, we headed to Noblis on Saturday to the Children's Holiday Party.  We invited Maureen, Andy and Adam as well! As a special treat, Grandpa came along!  This was a great thing as you will see later in this post.  The hallways and cafeteria were all decked out for the party in a Candyland theme.  So perfect!  We got there, said hello to some co-workers and headed straight to the line for Santa.

We really didn't know what to expect this year being that Olivia is a year older and is more aware of her surroundings.  We made the attempt!  It wasn't horrible, but she was definitely shaking and asking for "BaPa" while she sat in the sleigh with Santa.  Poor girl!


This was Olivia after she saw Santa.....

Thank goodness for BaPa!

She warmed up as the day went on, but the combination of Santa and being tired was probably a little too much for this little one to handle, so we headed home!

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