Sunday, December 11, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Party

Lee and I decided to host a Post Thanksgiving Dinner at our house.  We invited my parents, Maureen, Andy, Adam and Mark to come over and celebrate Thanksgiving with us since we were all at different places for Thanksgiving.  Lee made a wonderful lasagna and stuffed shells.  So delicious!

This wasn't just a gathering for food.  It was also the big Virginia Tech/Virginia game.  Always a big game in our house!  Everybody came dressed in their best maroon and orange for the game!

A big highlight of our Thanksgiving gatherings is my mother's love for giving gifts.  She loves to give Thanksgiving gifts to kick off the holiday season.  This year, Andrew and Olivia received their Christmas pajamas as well as a Christmas ornament.  Lee and I each got a Christmas ornament as well as a wonderful Christmas smelling candle!  We absolutely love this tradition!

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