Sunday, December 04, 2011

Mid November Happenings....

Lee and I have Veteran's Day off from work, so we have used that day the past few years to celebrate our anniversary a week early.  The kids are in school/daycare, so it's "free" day for us.  This year, we headed to Chantilly and had a really nice lunch and a few beers at Dogfish Head Alehouse.  It was nice to just sit back, chit chat, have a few brews and not be rushing to pick up Olivia or take Andrew to his latest get-together.  The weather was a little chilly and definitely windy or we would've headed out to Tarara for a tasting!

That night, Lee took Andrew to his first concert.....Foo Fighters!  I must admit, at the time, I was glad I wasn't part of that night out, but after hearing how incredible the show was, I regret not being there!  It was the perfect Father/Son outing.

The next morning, Olivia and I headed to Falls Church for a birthday party for Patrick.  Patrick's dad, Chris, works with me at Noblis.  Patrick is really into Dinosaur Train so for his birthday, his parent's rented a real train for his party.  Olivia and I got a chance to take a ride!
She looks terrified, but I guarantee she was loving it!

After enjoying some fun games outside, we headed home.  She was slightly tired!

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