Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Beach Trip Day 6

Thursday was picture day on the beach.  Sarah picked up some matching dresses for the girls so we got them all dolled up and headed over to the beach early in the morning to catch the early morning sun and a few pictures of the sweet ladies!  I couldn't decide which ones I should put on the blog, so I just put them all up!

After returning from the photo session, we all headed back and enjoyed milk, coffee and breakfast and decided to take the day off from the sun.  Sarah did head over for a couple hours on her own to soak up some sun, but I was just so tired, I decided to just hang back.  We decided to put the girls in their new fancy Best Friends shirts Sarah found for them and got a few more pics!

 Vivien didn't really feel like having her picture taken, but the pictures are super cute anyway!

Dinner on Thursday was seafood!!  Lee and Greg headed out to the seafood market and picked up spice steamed shrimp, crab legs and hush puppies.  We enjoyed every last buttery bite!!  We even got Andrew to try and love crab!  Success.

During the day, Andrew decided to try and perfect his dessert, so he, and he alone, baked a chocolate cake and made an Oreo/pudding icing to put on top!  It was yummy!!  Desserts were all Andrew all week!  The only thing I made was coffee! 

Time for bed and gearing up for our last day at the beach!

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LeahBear said...

Oh my gosh those pictures of the two girls together on the beach are PRECIOUS. They're going to cherish those when they're older.