Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Beach Trip Day 2

Sunday morning we all got up and started the day with milk for the babies and coffee for the adults.  Not sure what Andrew had, but I guess he was ok!  The last day of the Tour de France took place on Sunday so we stayed at the house in the morning so we could watch that.  After lunch we got ready (by the way, not easy with two 1 year old baby girls!)  We had to lather them up with sunscreen, get their swim diapers on, get their bathing suits on, lather ourselves up with sunscreen, get our suits on, get the strollers packed up with towels, water, buckets and shovels and other miscellaneous beach toys, extra diapers, wipes, sunscreen and the house keys and then we were ready to walk over to the beach......already exhausted!  :)  We weren't located right on the main beach road but we were close to it.  We just had to walk down a long driveway to get to the road and head north a block or so to where the walking beach access was.  Our BOB stroller was awesome in the sand!  Once we finally got there and set up camp for short time we would be there, we got the girls out and headed to the water.  They both really loved it!  Of course, Olivia was more interested in eating the sand than playing in it!

Sarah and Vivien
The Wyshynskis
Beach Baby Vivien
The girls had all the sand and surf they could handle, so we headed back to the house and got them in the bathtub to get all the sand off!  And boy did they love their bath!

 What fun!  They will kill us when they get older, but oh well!  Isn't this what parents do?

After feeding the girls and putting them to bed, it was time to enjoy our 2nd dinner of the week.  Pizza!!!  The original plan was to use the charcoal grill the rental office said came with the house.  They were correct, except this grill was upside down and missing a wheel, so it was just not gonna work!  Plan B....cook inside.  It was way too hot to be cooking outside anyway, so no harm no foul.  Sarah and Lee headed up the cooking and made 3 pizzas.  The first one was a whole wheat crust with Trader Joe's BBQ sauce, chicken, bacon, caramelized onions and roasted garlic.....can you say YUM?

The second one was on an herb and pesto crust and had regular pizza sauce, chicken, garlic, bacon and sundried tomatoes.  Another winner!

And lastly, the staple pepperoni on a regular white crust.

We definitely felt pretty spoiled with this meal!  So delicious!  Andrew was in charge of dessert and he made an Oreo cookie mousse.  He did it all himself.  Crushed Oreos, vanilla ice cream and cool whip all mixed together and the frozen.  I'm not sure why we didn't get any pictures of it but it was fantastic!  Great job Andrew!

Another successful day and off to bed for more rest!

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