Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Beach Trip Day 1

We planned our beach vacation months and months ago and we thought it would never get here!  But, on July 23rd, we left Ashburn on a LONG journey to Kill Devil Hills, NC!  Traffic is always unpredictable but going to the beach on a Saturday, we knew we would run into some.  Never did we think we would take 9 hours to get there.  What a trip!  I will say, Olivia was a trooper.  She was so incredible on the drive down.  We had to stop to eat breakfast and lunch and she was just great.  Even when we sat in bumper to bumper traffic for 20 miles to get onto the Outer Banks, she was a gem!  Lucky us!  We got to the house around 4:00 but had to wait for Greg and Sarah to get through the crazy traffic and get to the rental place to get our house keys.  So, we took that time to drive over to the public beach parking and take Olivia to the shore for the first time.  She loved it!  Here's the proof!

We hung out on the beach for just a few minutes because it was about 98 degrees with no breeze!  We headed back to the house and waited for Greg and Sarah.  They showed up and we got to tour the house!  The house was great and perfect for what we needed for the week.  There were A LOT of different decks and porches!

The back side of the house overlooked a pond that was full of turtles.  More on those later.  We walked into the house and the laundry room was right there.  Up a flight of stairs were the bedrooms and full bathrooms.  Up another flight was the living area and kitchen and a powder room.  Perfect!  It was much too hot outside to eat out on the deck the first night, so we dined indoors.  The girls ate first.

The girls and their highchairs stayed in the kitchen....that was their space!  There was another table in the living area where we ate the first night.  The rest of the week was just eat wherever you want!  We did get to eat outside a few nights later in the week when it was cooler.

The first nights' meal consisted of tuna steaks and salmon with asparagus and roasted potatoes.  Delish!  We all got a good nights' sleep to prepare us for the first day at the ocean.

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