Thursday, August 11, 2011

15 Month Appointment

Although Olivia turned 15 months old on July 24th, she just had her 15 month Dr. appointment today.  She did great until shot time.....ugh.  Our little girl is actually little for once.  Here are her stats!

23 pounds 8 oz - 53rd percentile - up only 5 oz from her 1 year appointment and down from 82nd percentile

32 inches - 83rd percentile - up 1 inch and down from 96th percentile

46 cm head circumference - no change in size but down to 47th from 77th

So, it appears she is slowing down on the growing front.  Miss Lauren wanted to test her hemoglobin count to make sure she didn't have any iron deficiencies.  She does not.  So, we're good to go!

She fits right in with other kids 15 months old, for instance:

1) She can say 3-15 words....her words are:

* Daddy - pronounced, Da-Deeeee (she says this one A LOT)
* Andrew - pronounced, Da-Doooo (she says this one A LOT too)
* Mommy - pronounced, Mommy (she says this one....not a lot...oh well!)
* Grandpa - pronounced, BaPa (she asks for him all the time!)
* Bless You - pronounced, Bessyou (after you sneeze even!)
* Banana - pronounced, Nana
* Shoe - pronounced, shoe (we're in trouble, 'cuz she LOVES shoes)
* Water - pronounced, wawa
* Hi - pronounced, HI (she says this to anyone and everyone she sees, along with a wave)
* Bunny - pronounced, Nunny (this is her bunny from Uncle Mark that she sleeps with)
* Moo - when asked what a cow says
* Baa - when asked what a sheep says (although, she misses this one frequently)
* La La La - when asked what the three singing pigs say (trust me, it's a good book - "Moo, Baa, LaLaLa"
* No - pronounced, no (although she's not sure what she's saying.....yet
* What - pronounced, wha (again, she's not sure what she's saying)
* What's that? - pronounced, Whasat
* Who's that? - pronounced, Whosat
* Cheese - pronounced, cheese (she says this when she steals our phones and poses for a self portrait)
* Cheers - pronounced, Cheo (she says this and clinks her cup on ours - adorable!)
* OLIVIA!!! - pronounced, Eeeya (Which she sings when she hears the Olivia theme song!)

Some words she has said but only once or twice are, yellow, red and lemon.....So, I'd say she is saying 3-15!

2) She can identify at least 2 body parts.....

* She shows her belly button when asked where it is....she'll even try to find yours if you ask her!
* She knows her nose!  And other people's noses when asked

We are working on ears, mouth and elbow now

3) She is walking.....self explanatory!

4) She has teeth.....she has 6 with 2 more coming in (apparently 8 was the magic number, so since her top front teeth are cutting through now (finally) we'll say she met this one too!

These were the main milestones we discussed today, so I'd say our little princess is doing great!

She had to get 2 vaccines today, but luckily they were mixed into one shot.....but it wasn't pretty!  Before she got that though, they had to take some blood from her toe to test her hemoglobin count.  She was totally fine with that one......then the shot in her leg.....yeah, she wasn't too excited.  Luckily, mommy brought Nunny to the party and that seemed to calm her down a little bit, but she was none too pleased!

Our baby girl is growing up so fast and we are just loving every fast minute of it!!

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