Sunday, May 08, 2011

3rd Annual Tommy's Run for a Reason


Saturday was the 3rd Annual Tommy's Run for a Reason.  3 years ago, my friend from high school, Andy, lost his 2 1/2 year old Tommy unexpectedly.  Nobody knows why he passed away, so with all the research they did, they found out that there was a disorder called Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood, or SUDC.  Being a mother, I cannot imagine the tragedy Andy and Beth had to endure.  I have participated in this event for the past 3 years and blogged about it last year here!  Lee volunteered his photography services and will donate all proceeds from photo purchases to SUDC in Tommy's memory.  One of the great parts of this event was getting to see so many people I grew up with.  Matt, who I've known since kindergarten was the emcee for the event.  He is a local celebrity.....well, he broadcasts a podcast and, well, it's hilarious!  (This is a NSFW - not safe for work - broadcast mom and dad, so, um, maybe you shouldn't listen).

Anyway, what a beautiful day with beautiful weather!  Olivia and I got there around 9:15, got registered and started walking around and meeting up with people.  We ran into Shelley and Jason first.  You can read all about them here!  They drove all the way from Baltimore, what troopers!  Shelley ran the 5K and Jason was a pal and walked with Olivia and me.  I do plan on running next year!  Now that I wrote it down, I guess I better deliver!  Anyway, we made our way over to the kid area and met up with Stefany and Leslie!  But, not before getting stopped by a lot of people along the way who wanted to see Miss Olivia!  She was only 2 weeks old at the event last year, so people were pretty excited to see her!  Who cares about seeing me!?! 

Lee showed up with his camera gear and started capturing the day.  Of course, he started with our little munchkin!

After hanging out for a while, the race was about to begin!  The women from Mommy Bootcamp were there to kick off the warm up.  They warmed all the racers up and got them on their way!

A few minutes after the 5K kicked off, the 2K family fun walk began.  Shelley's husband Jason and I did the walk with Olivia.  Wasn't exactly tough!  But, I'm just not ready to run a 5K quite yet!

Here are a few pictures of some of the kids that rocked the 2K fun run/walk!

As we finished up the walk, some of the runners were coming into the Finish!  We got back just in time to see Shelley finish up!


After the race was finished, Lee had to leave to head out to Andrew's baseball game, so he handed one of his cameras over to me.  So, I got a few pictures (mostly of Olivia) :)

Then it was time for Andy to speak about Tommy and what SUDC has done for their family.

My friend Leslie recruited some of her students and friends from her school to help with the days' events.  She even brought somebody along who dressed up like Snow White!  Fun for the kids!

After all was said and done, it was time to eat!  Carolina Bros. Barbeque was there to feed the troops.  What a wonderful meal!  They are right down the street from us and we have always enjoyed their food!

What a great event!  Can't wait to do it all again next year, only next year, I will be running!  :)

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