Sunday, October 03, 2010

Shelley and Jason's Wedding

October 1st, Shelley and Jason got married.  Shelley has been a good friend of mine since 6th grade.  From making up dances to Milli Vanilli (yes, I am being absolutely serious) to playing softball to managing the high school baseball team, Shelley and I have remained friends for a LONG time!  I was very honored to have been invited to be there to witness her special day.  This day was even more special because back in April, her father, Tom, or "The Big Foote", suffered a major heart attack.  Things were very touch and go for a while and they weren't even sure he would be there to walk her down the aisle.  Well, he fought hard and was there to make the day even more special for Shelley.  He still has a long road ahead of him, but you could tell how happy he was to be there.  I definitely get emotional at weddings, but watching Tom walk Shelley down the aisle and witnessing the Father-Daughter dance, was just amazing to watch.  Why I had no tissues with me is a mystery!  He didn't recognize me, but when I told him my name, his eyes lit up and he gave me a big hug! 

Tom walking Shelley down the aisle
As part of the ceremony, Shelley and Jason had a "Passing of the Rings".  They passed the rings around to everyone to say a little blessing or prayer to wish the new couple well.

Passing of the Rings

The Programs

The Bohlens!

 The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  It was slightly windy, but what a beautiful night!  Perfect for a wedding. 

 The newlyweds went around the venue getting their pictures taken and we enjoyed a cocktail hour with passed hors d'oeuvres and an open bar.  I enjoyed a nice glass of Pinot Grigio and caught up with a few friends from back in the day.  After the cocktail hour, we headed upstairs to the reception area.  They had a photo album instead of a guest book.  They had a friend taking pictures of each guest as they came into the room and we wrote our names next to an empty space in the album where the picture would go.  Neat idea!

Wine charm favors!
When Shelley and Jason enjoyed their first dance together as a married couple, Tom watched and smiled. 

Dancing to Michael Buble's "Crazy Love"
Tom watching with a smile!
The night continued with dinner and dancing and everybody was having a great time.  Brad came to me and requested a picture of the three of us who have known each other since 6th grade! 

Friends for 22 years and counting.....
After the last dance, we hailed a cab and headed back to the hotel for much needed sleep.  This was our first night away from Olivia so we had no reason to wake up in the middle of the night except for the sirens that seemed to never stop! 

All in all, we had a fantastic evening and we wish the new couple a safe and wonderful trip to Aruba!!


LeahBear said...

Looks like a lovely wedding - where was it? Wine charm favors are such a good idea!

RipleyVT said...

The wedding was in Baltimore at a restaurant called Tabrizi's. It was beautiful!! I love the wine charm idea too! Wish we would've thought of it!

donnyvicky said...

the wedding sounds nice i must say, you are a good writer too