Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This year we were able to head up to Wintergreen for the long Memorial Day Weekend! We definitely needed a mini-vacation, so it was perfect. We got up Saturday morning, loaded up the car and we were on the road! It was exciting to turn Olivia's car seat around so she could see everybody and enjoy the ride!
She was definitely thrilled and had a great time.  We thought she would nap, but that never happened.  She just talked and sang the whole time.  Kept us laughing!  Despite some congestion in Charlottesville, we made it in pretty decent time.  We got Olivia fed and put her down for a nap and headed out to Devil's Backbone for some great beer (root beer for Andrew and wings for Lee) and we filled up a growler for the afternoon!  After our little afternoon brew, we headed back up to the house to discover Olivia was still napping!  She was a tired monkey for sure. 

We enjoyed our growler of beer and a wonderful dinner before it was time to hit the hey for the night.  Sunday morning was filled with a lot of funny faces from our girl!

We decided to head out for a little hike and check out the festivities on the top of the mountain.  Our little hike was just that.....little!  It's very hard to find trails that are stroller accessible and we didn't bring the hiking backpack for this trip, so we had to carry Olivia.  Well, good thing this was an easy and short trail because this kid is heavy!  We headed over to Raven's Roost which is a nice overlook and would've been even nicer if it wasn't so hazy!

After our little hike, we headed over to the Mountain Inn to walk through the shops and check out the Wine and Food Festival and see about the Blues and Brews Festival we read about.  We decided not to go to the Wine and Food Festival and instead we would head back down to Devil's Backbone for another beer and, of course, more wings for Lee and Andrew!  Before we did that, we walked around the ski slopes to get a little exercise before indulging in more adult beverages!!

O likes to hold on for the ride!
After our walk and going through the shops, we went back to the house, fed O her lunch and put her down for a nap so we could head back down to Devil's Backbone.  She took a pretty decent nap but was up and playing when we got back.  I took the opportunity to snap some pics of her!

And then there was a pretty fun game of Hide 'N Seek between Adam and Olivia!

This kept them occupied for a long time!  Back and forth up and down the hall......fun stuff!  We also got a few random pictures of both the kids as well!

 The evening went on with lots of card games, Blackjack, Texas Hold 'Em, etc!  Great meal, great beverages and, most of all, great company!!  It was sad to know Monday was the end of our relaxing weekend, but it was time to head back to reality!  We got Olivia all dressed up in her Memorial Day duds and got a few pictures with Grandma and Grandpa and of just her before heading out for the day.

 We headed out around 10 and got to Lee's parent's house in Warrenton just in time to feed O her lunch.  She didn't nap all morning and was such a sweetie all afternoon!  We had a blast with all the family then jumped in the car to head home.  This was Olivia 3 minutes after we left Nana and Papa's house!

What a wonderful weekend!  Can't wait for the 4th of July!!

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