Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas Morning

Olivia's first Christmas was a FABULOUS one!  We had such a wonderful day.  Yes, she is only 8 months old and has NO idea what is going on, but she will appreciate the pictures one day! 

Growing up, we always got a family portrait taken from the stairs before we headed into the package heaven in our living room or family room.  So, naturally, we had to carry on the tradition in our house too!

Obviously, Olivia Hearts Santa!

 After her morning bottle, it was time to open presents!  I'm sure she was SO excited!  :)  I know we were!  She wasn't too good at opening the packages, but she was good at eating them!

Santa didn't bring her TOO many things because he knew so many other people would be buying things for her and he knows how small our house is!  She got a few books, some pajamas and some toys to add to all the fun things she got from Lee's family on Christmas Eve.

Happy Girl!
 What a fun morning we had!

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