Thursday, January 27, 2011

9 Month Appointment

Olivia had her 9 month Dr. visit today.  Despite all the crazy weather, we made it there with no issues.  She had to get a toe prick to check for anemia and another routine vaccine.  We also decided to give her the flu shot as well.  She did alright, but cried as usual.  Didn't last long though!  Her appointment was in the middle of the afternoon which made it hard for her to have a nap, but that didn't stop her from passing out as soon as we got home! 
Miss Lauren, Olivia's nurse, was very happy with her progress, as usual!  She's obviously growing, as you can see below.  In fact, her growth chart on Lauren's computer showed her height OFF THE CHART!  I guess we should get her involved in basketball or volleyball pretty early!  She's a growing girl for sure and everything looked great.  Unfortunately, she has my skin.  And for those of you who know me, you know that is not a great thing.  For now, her skin is just super sensitive and is not handling the dry winter weather too well.  We just have to keep an eye on things and keep her skin as moisturized as we can.  Hopefully she'll grow out of this because I just couldn't bare to see her go through what I continue to go through.  It would just be heartbreaking!

Her stats at 9 months old:

20 pounds 7 oz - 78th percentile - up 4 1/2 pounds from her 6 month appointment and up from 51st percentile

30 inches - 99th percentile - up 2 1/2 inches and up from 96th percentile

44 3/4 cm head circumference - 73rd percentile - up 1 3/4 cm and up from 67th percentile

Proof that we have a very growing and healthy baby girl!
It's so hard to believe our princess is 9 months old!  Lee did a casual photo shoot with her on Sunday.  We were going to do her formal 9 month pictures but Lee has been under the weather, so that has been postponed.  Here are a few of her from the other day!  Look for some others coming soon!

Here's a fun list of things she does at 9 months:

*  Talks....A LOT
*  Rocks back and forth on her hands and knees - SO close to crawling!!
*  Eats......A LOT, as apparent in the stats above
*  Plays with so many different toys and LOVES the ones that sing/play music (she is my daughter!)
*  Plays patty-cake!
*  Shows us how big she is....all the time!
*  Dances......this is new and SO cute
*  Has two bottom teeth!
*  Takes wonderful naps
*  Working on the sippy cup.....she's just not so sure yet

She continues to make us smile and our world is just so great because she is in it!  You are so loved Olivia!!!!

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