Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Christmas Day

After lunch, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house to have even more fun!  To add to the fun, Anne, Maddie and Jim were in town to enjoy Christmas day with us.  Bonus!  Adam was loving his new toys and even Olivia's new toys!  Olivia received a music table from Grandma and Grandpa and it is pretty much the same one he has, so he was enjoying playing with "his" toy!  It was too cute.  After we all got there and got settled, it was time for the Christmas Day Extravaganza!  Oh what fun!!  We were all so spoiled and really enjoyed seeing what everybody bought for the kids!

Olivia had her own little place to sit....the awesome exersaucer!  She LOVES this thing!  Adam wanted to play with her too!

Lee was able to snap some good shots of Olivia with her Uncle Mark and her Great Uncle Jim.  Jim was meeting Olivia for the first time!

So many packages were opened and so many smiles were made!

 After opening all the presents, it was time to feed the kids dinner and put them in the PJs for bed!  But not before snapping some more pictures!

What a wonderful first Christmas with Olivia and a fabulous day with the family!!!  On to next year!

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