Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Farley.....Annoyed or Protective?

Since we brought Olivia home, Farley has been great with her.  He more or less leaves her alone and just sniffs her out every once in a while.  Well, we did discover that when she cries for a period of time, he either gets really annoyed or he is being protective by letting us know she is upset and needs attention.  Olivia has been a little out of sorts since her shots this afternoon, so I was able to get one of his escapades on video. 

You be the judge.......Annoyed or Protective???


amymarquis said...

Adorable. I'd say "sympathetic"!

LeahBear said...

yes, sympathetic. or maybe worried.

Mindi said...

He is letting you know that she is crying and needs attention; one of our dogs used to do the exact same thing when the telephone rang---as if we counldn't hear it!!