Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Over 4th of July weekend, Auntie 'Reen gave Lil' Olivia a new book! Apparently, Olivia is a pig. Well, I could've told you that! Ha! We look forward to collecting more of the books from the series. I know Olivia will enjoy reading these and it will help her learn her name and learn how to spell it. Thanks Auntie 'Reen!!

My co-worker, Nikki, gave this book to me yesterday for Olivia.  The special thing about this book is that it was Nikki's daughter Kristen's first Christmas book back in 1990.  Kristen will be 20 this year!  The book is inscribed by Nikki's mother, or YaYa as we all know her!  Olivia will be sure to take great care of this book so we can return it to Nikki when Kristen has children.  What a special gift.

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