Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Friday night, a co-worker was killed as he was sitting at a traffic light on his way home.  He was shot in the chest as he waited at the light and then rolled into the intersection and hit a wall.  At this point, it is unclear if it was the gunshot or the crash that killed Calvin.  This was an absolute senseless tragedy.  Calvin was such a great guy.  You would never hear ANYTHING negative about Calvin.  He walked around Noblis very swiftly, always working hard on one of his many projects.  I worked with Calvin a lot and purchased a lot of the equipment and services he needed for his projects over the years.

No words can express how sad I am for his wife and two young children who are now left without a husband and a father.  Life is just not fair sometimes.  This proves it.

You will be missed Calvin.

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LeahBear said...

That is so awful Kathleen, I'm so sorry.