Monday, August 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Yes, before you say it, I DO realize it's been quite a while since I blogged.  Work has been crazy busy and I haven't wanted to get my laptop out once I get out of the office and land softly on my couch!  So, I'm a bit, you'll just get hit with a bunch of posts all at once!

Memorial Day Weekend was the BIG reveal of all the work done on the house at Wintergreen!  Mom was super excited for us to all come up and see all the big changes.  We were excited too!  We decided at the last minute to drive up Friday evening vs. Saturday morning.  This gave us a chance to get there and wake up there Saturday morning.  Was a great choice even though we got caught in some traffic.  The weekend was a blast, playing with the kids, got in a round of golf and just sitting and chatting with the family.  Here are a few photos from the weekend!

Just a few of us posing for Lee's camera!

The kiddos enjoyed a LOT of water time on the newly refurbished deck!

Watch out Maureen!!

Olivia is explaining to Aunt 'Reen that if you're gonna sit that close to the water table, you're gonna get wet!

What a great time we had on the mountain....looking forward to the next family gathering at Dogwood Road for Thanksgiving!

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