Monday, August 27, 2012

Dash4Dad 4 Miler

June 17th, I participated in another running event.  This one was a charity run that supports ZERO - The Project to End Prostate Cancer!  The event was called Dash4Dad 4 Miler and you can see all the photos here!  One cool thing about this race was that Lee was photographing it and it was on Father's Day.  Andrew came and helped Lee by snapping a bunch of the photos with him.  This was the farthest distance I have run, to date!  And, I ran the whole stopping!  I couldn't help but run when I was being passed by men and women 3 times my age!  And, cancer survivors at that!  Here is proof that I actually ran!

I look like I'm running fast.....right?  Anyway, I do look forward to running it again next year!

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