Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This past Saturday was the Stone Bridge High School Homecoming dance.  This was Andrew's first Homecoming and I'd say he had a great time!  As soon as we found out he had a date to the dance (the Thursday before the dance) I went into "mom" mode and ordered a corsage for her.  Little did I know, she had already told Andrew she didn't want a flower.  Knowing how the female mind works, we suggested to Andrew he give it to her anyway and tell her he had already gotten it for her.  That worked like a charm!  She loved it and wore it all night!

Lee and Andrew went to Alexandra's house to pick her up and bring her to their friend's house for pictures.  They went with two other people and they had a great time taking photos!

What a pretty corsage!

As you can tell...the other couple was slightly taller!

They decided to switch it up!
Attention!  They are all in marching band together...can you tell?
 After pictures, they went to Bertucci's for dinner and then on to the dance.  They all had a wonderful time!

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