Thursday, October 27, 2011

18 Month Appointment

It is just amazing how quickly time passes us by when we're all busy having fun and watching Olivia grow by leaps and bounds!  She's already 1 1/2 years old.  Crazy!  Today we went to the Dr. for her 18 month appointment.  This appointment was very different from all the others.....very different indeed.  From the moment the nurse got out the tape measure to take her length and her head circumference measurements, it was all downhill.  She had the most terrified look on her face as if a monster walked in the room.  Lee and I were both there to try and comfort her, but she was just so scared and nothing would calm her down.  Therefore, the head measurement that was taken was inaccurate. 

When Miss Lauren came in to do the check up, she looked at her measurements and was very concerned that her head had not grown since her 15 month check up.  We knew the measurement was probably incorrect just because of how difficult it was to take it, so after all was said and done, they took another shot at it......not any easier the second time, but got a more accurate reading.  Anyway, let's look at her stats....shall we??

25 pounds 2 oz - 63rd percentile - up 1 pound and 10 oz from her 15 month appointment and up from 53rd percentile

34 inches - 99th percentile - up 2 inches - and up from 83rd percentile

47 cm head circumference - 61st percentile - up 1 centimeter and up from 47th percentile

The picture shows her head circumference as 46, but that was the first reading.

Miss Lauren asked a lot of the developmental questions to which we were able to answer with very good responses.  "Does she say at least 7 words?"  Welllllll.......if you know Olivia, you'll know she says about 30 different words, so that was pretty easy to answer!

Then it was time to listen to her heart and chest and look at her ears/eyes/mouth with foreign objects.......she was NOT having it!  Stethoscope?  Tongue depressor?  No thank you!!!  Then for her head measurement again.....then for shots!!  Oh, we just wanted to take her out for ice cream or do something with her that would take her mind off everything.  Turns out, it just took us leaving the office to make things right!  :)  Oh, and the Goofy sticker she got for being such a brave girl!  :)

Our little nugget is growing up so fast and I'm so scared to even blink!  We love you Princess! 

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