Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6 Month Appointment

Olivia had her 6 month Dr. visit this morning and all is well!  She is definitely ready to start eating some solid foods!  We started her on rice cereal a couple weeks ago and it seems to be agreeing with her so we'll start her on oatmeal for a few days and then get started on some fruits and veggies!!  We are so excited for Olivia to try something with some flavor! 

Olivia's nurse is super pleased with her progress as far as her growth but wants to see her sitting up on her own soon.  We are working on it, so I know she'll be good to go in the next few weeks.

Her stats at 6 months old:

15 pounds 15 oz - 51st percentile - up 2 pounds from her 4 month appointment but down from 57th percentile

27 1/2 inches - 96th percentile - up 2 inches from her 4 month appointment and up from 90th percentile

43 cm head circumference - 67th percentile - up 1 cm but down from 78th percentile

I took some pictures of Olivia at the Dr. office but for some reason, they are no longer on my phone, so I have none to share!

I look forward to how much Olivia will grow over the next 3 months!  9 month appointment next!

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