Monday, July 19, 2010

What a Weekend!

The weekend started on Friday for me since I was off work for the day.  Olivia and I headed to Grandpa's to enjoy some lunch and quality time.  Grandma even got to see us when she got home from playing golf before we needed to head home. 

Once Lee got home from work, it was time to turn right around and head back to Grandma's and Grandpa's for a family dinner!  But, not before Lee put together an amazing peach cobbler to have for dessert!  Dinner was fantastic.  It consisted of a wonderfully delicious prime rib, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and rolls.  Yum!  It was a great opportunity for the whole family to get together.  The meal ended with us flipping through some old family photos.  Not sure how I felt about that one!

Olivia and I spent Saturday morning together while Lee went for a mountain bike ride with friends.  We hung out in her room getting her old clothes (seems weird to say "old" clothes when she's only 12 weeks old!) put away and organized her current wardrobe.  I removed the bumpers from her crib and got her changing station all put together.  This was in anticipation of "The Big Move".  Olivia has been sleeping in our room since she was born.  It was time to make the change and move her over to her bedroom.  There were a few last minute things that needed to be done before the transition was made, so we got a nice head start!

Saturday evening was a Daddy/Daughter night while Maureen and I headed to Wolf Trap to see Idina Menzel!  What a fabulous night!  Maureen brought some fresh french bread, wonderful cheeses and delicious bruscetta while I put together a pasta salad and chocolate covered strawberries.  We enjoyed wine and  a lot of laughs.  The show was fantastic and we were even able to get out of there with NO traffic at all!  Stellar!  I know Maureen snapped a few pictures and they will probably end up on her blog at some point in time!  (Most likely, later today)

I got home to find Olivia had officially been moved to her own room.  Lee and Olivia had a great night together.  They even watched 24 Solo which is a fantastic documentary about a mountain biking champion who was going for a record by trying to win a 24 hour mountain bike race.  You should check it out!  During the evening, Lee got Olivia's crib fixed up and ready for her and even had her in bed by 9!  She slept great in there and didn't wake us up until about 6 AM yesterday!  Great job for her first night in her room. 

Sunday was a lazy day, for me anyway!  Lee headed out for a bike ride and put the rest of Olivia's room together by hanging some book shelves and her valance and moving the glider from our room to hers.  It was perfect feeding her in there last night and putting her to bed in her own room.  She slept until 5 this morning which would've been perfect if I was going to work today!  But, I'm not.  I'm actually taking today and Friday off and will go back to work completely full time next week.  Lee will take Olivia to school today so I will have a day to really get things done.  I was hoping to sleep in, but since she got up at 5, that ship didn't sail! Oh well, I'm sure I'll get a nap or two in at some point today!

All in all, a great and successful weekend for us! 

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