Monday, July 12, 2010

Alisia's 1st Birthday Party

Saturday was Alisia's 1st birthday.  Alisia is the daughter of our good friends Catalina and Brian.  They had a big party for her filled with Carolina Bros. BBQ, drinks, and fun.....oh, and a TON of kids!  Olivia was definitely the youngest there.  There was a set of twins, a boy and a girl, who are 6 months old, a little boy who is 6 months old, a little boy who is almost a year old, a little girl who is 2, another little girl who is 4 and, of course, Alisia, the 1 year old.  There were infant carriers all over the house!  Here is a snapshot....notice that I'm one of the only adults on the floor amongst all the babies.....

It was a lot of fun and we know the birthday girl had a blast!

Happy 1st Birthday Alisia! 

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