Sunday, July 11, 2010

Little things....

Olivia is changing every day right before our eyes.  Some of the things she does:

1)  She smiles constantly
2)  She's starting to giggle, yet with no sound (Lee got her to make a little giggle noise while teaching her about her feet....missed it on the video camera though)
3)  She smiles every time she sneezes
4)  She talks....a lot.  This is cute now, but what are we in for down the road? 
5)  She moves constantly.  Even when you think she's sleeping, she is moving all around

On a different note, Olivia starts "school" tomorrow.  I think it will make me feel better to call it that.  I take this tip from Maureen who has always called Adam's childcare "school".  I keep telling myself that everything will be ok because I know it will be, but I am a mess!  I have spent almost every moment with her since she was born, so breaking away from her will be difficult.  We're starting off with a 1/2 day tomorrow and then I go back to work on Tuesday.  I can't wait for everyone to come in my office and ask me how I'm handling it.  I think I might just keep my door closed all day!  The good thing about Olivia going to school is that she'll be forced into a routine.  It will help us out to have her on a regimented napping routine and hopefully it will help her learn to sleep on her own without being held.  She has gotten a lot better about this over the past week, so we'll see! 

Wish us all luck!

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LeahBear said...

Aw, good luck Kathleen, I know that must be such a hard transition for you. You'll be alright, and she will too! :)