Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Eve

I don't know why it has taken me so long to post about the holidays.....maybe it was because of the holidays!!!  Anyway, excuses excuses!!!  Christmas Eve started off as a half day at work (BOOOOOO), but at least it wasn't a full day right??  We left the office around 11:15 or so to pick up Andrew from his grandparent's house in McLean so we could head out to Lee's sister Danielle's house for the evening festivities!!  On our way to get Andrew, we came across this:

This snowman was probably at least 10 feet tall!  It was incredible!!!

We picked up the boy and headed out to Bristow.  Lee made 2 lasagnas for the family to enjoy for dinner, so we got there early enough to get them put in the oven and had some great visiting time with Danielle and Eric.  The rest of the family showed up and the eating began!!!  Dinner was great and it was time for presents!!! 

Lee's family draws names for Christmas, which makes it easy since there are so many of us!  So, on Thanksgiving, we each drew a gift tag that we had each filled out earlier in the day.  We put our name on it and 3 gift ideas so that the person who picked our name wouldn't struggle!!  I had our niece Jaci.  She's so easy to shop for because she only wanted gift cards to specific stores!  So, a gift card it was!  Andrew drew Cole's name and gave him a little see 'n say toy to help him learn his animal sounds!  Lee drew Staci's name.  Since she lives in North Carolina and wouldn't be up for Christmas Eve, he sent her an iTunes gift card to her email!  Worked out perfectly!!  We all made out with great gifts from everyone.  Thanks to our niece Sarah, I will be able to shop at Target and diaper baby girl!  She gave me a box of 92 diapers!!  Thanks Sarah! 

Lee had the camera out and was taking pictures, but most were just candid shots of people.  I have posted a few random pictures so you can see we were actually there!  (although, you won't be able to see that I was there because the two pictures I was in were not very flattering or blog worthy!)

Alec and Danielle

Cole Bug

Jaci and Cole


Connor and Danielle getting the lasagnas ready!


I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas Eve!!


LeahBear said...

omigosh, where in McLean do Andrew's grandparents live? Are they my neighbors? That house in the picture totally looks like it's in my neighborhood.

RipleyVT said...

Ha, this house was actually in Falls Church. We saw this on our way to McLean!