Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Post-Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Lee and I wanted to host a dinner party after Thanksgiving so that we would have the opportunity to spend time with my family around that time.  We've never had a dinner party that didn't include the grill and being outside, so it was a little scary to put a meal together for 9 people!  About a month ago, Lee and Andrew went to Home Depot and purchased some wood so Lee could make our 4 person table into a 10-12 person table.  I certainly wasn't sure how this would get accomplished, but he's always been good with building things, so I didn't question it!  I just said, "go for it"!  So, he did!  And it looks fantastic.  It looks like we got rid of our old school kitchen table and replaced it with a nice dining room table!  We were able to fit everyone around it comfortably.  Next project - more chairs!!  Unfortunately, we only have 4 chairs, so we had to borrow some from mom and dad.  Here is what the table looked like before eating.

I wish we would have taken pictures of the delicious food!  For appetizers, we made bruschetta and garlic stuffed mushroom caps along with some standard cheese and crackers.  Wine and, of course, water, were flowing and everyone was having a fantastic time!  This was Adam's first visit to our home and we welcomed him with open arms!  I'm not so sure he was so thrilled though......

Ok, I guess he had fun....Lee just caught him in a hungry or tired moment!

Dinner was great.  We enjoyed a wonderful homemade lasagna and a great seafood pasta.  These were accompanied by a salad and some bread!  I know I enjoyed it and hope everyone else did too!

As a Greeley family tradition - at least for the past 5-7 years or so - Mom gives the 3 of us Thanksgiving gifts.  These gifts are items we can use during Christmas, so they usually consist of Christmas ornaments, candels, tea towels, etc.  This year was no different!  Andrew made the mantle!  Mom and Dad - G-Maw and Pops - gave Andrew his own Christmas stocking for their mantle.  In it, he found some ornaments and a wonderful pair of Christmas PJ pants which he has worn every night - and all day during the weekends - since!  Lee and I received a wonderful smelling candle that I just can't get enough of and some great ornaments and a little tea light lamp. 

Not only did we get spoiled with Christmas items, we also received our first "gender specific" clothes for Baby Girl.  Grandpa bought Baby Girl the cutest onesie......

Aunt Maureen and Uncle Andy gave Baby Girl the CUTEST outfit.....

Aunt Anne gave Baby Girl two cute PJs.  A Bunny pair and a "my auntie loves me" one!

Anne also gave Baby Girl her first book - Green Eggs & Ham - one my favorites too!!!

Grandma made Baby Girl her first blanket and 2 very adorable burp cloths!

We had the best time visiting with everyone and hope to have people over soon for more entertaining!!!

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