Friday, May 04, 2012

2 Year Appointment!

Olivia had her 24 month, or 2 year, appointment the day after her birthday.  It will be nice to finally say she's 2 instead of always giving some month count!!  The appointment was similar to her previous one.....remember this?  She was fine until they called her name and she just froze.  I picked her up and carried her back, but as soon as we walked into the exam room, she totally flipped out!  She was shaking and screaming and was just terrified.  Poor nugget!  I couldn't get her to calm down, so I just had to roll with it.  We got her was hard.....but we got them!

26 pounds 15 oz - 55th percentile - up 1 pound and 13 oz from her 18 month appointment and down from 63rd percentile

34 1/2 inches - 70th percentile - up 1/2 inch - and down from - 99th percentile

47 1/2 cm head circumference - 51st percentile - up 1/2 cm and down from 61st percentile

After all the measurements, she did calm down a bit.....and then Miss Lauren came in.  She lost it again!  Poor little one.  She was so nervous and scared.  Made me quite sad :(  We hurried through all the questions/answers and then she had 1 shot and it was time to go!  I couldn't get her dressed and out of there fast enough!!

All in all, she's a healthy one and I'm just so happy she won't have to go back until she turns 3!

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