Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm One!!!

It's so hard to believe Olivia is already a year old! This morning started off great. She woke up around 6:30 and spent a good while just talking and singing to herself before I went to get her up. She was super smiley and ready to start the day! We came downstairs and started playing right away. She's just always in a good mood!

After a great breakfast of a blueberry waffle and some peaches and more playtime, down she went for a nap.  She was still pretty tired after a long day at her party yesterday!  When I got her up from her nap, I got her dressed in her "Birthday" outfit from Miss Nikki.  Nikki is my co-worker who I've worked with for almost 13 years.  She has always been a wonderful friend and has treated Olivia like her own since she was born!  So, needless to say, she spoils Olivia big time!  She bought her the "Birthday Princess" hat she wore at her party (briefly since she wouldn't keep it on....but it was pretty while it lasted).  Here she is in all her PINK glory!

She ended up getting a little lunch on her dress so we changed into another dress.  Glad we got the photos when we did!  Olivia and I headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the day so we could be with them for Easter dinner.  After all, Olivia's birthday wasn't the only thing going on today!  She got to play with Uncle Mark, Aunt Anne and Grandma and Grandpa all day!  She was so happy!

It was such a beautiful day so Uncle Mark, Olivia and I headed outside to try out the swing under Grandma and Grandpa's deck.  I would say she enjoyed herself, yes?

We even got some video!

She even got to play downstairs in the big open area with very little restrictions!  Nothing she could really get into, so that was nice!  We even found the rocking chair we all used as kids.  She was really liking it!

She really loved playing with her new toy from Uncle Mark too!

Then it was piano time!  She sat on my lap and "played" the piano for at least 30 minutes.  It was so great and made me so proud!  Future musician?  You tell me!

Happy Birthday to Olivia and Happy Easter too!

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