Friday, April 29, 2011

1 Year Appointment

Olivia had her 1 year appointment today.  I know it sounds cliche, but it is just so hard to believe a year has gone by since Olivia joined our family.  I just can't picture our lives without her.  She is an amazing baby and just makes us smile and laugh every day!  I couldn't wait to take her to see Miss Lauren, her nurse, because I wanted to see how much she has grown since her 9 month appointment.  Quite a bit I would say!

Her stats at 12 months old:

23 pounds 3 oz - 82nd percentile - up almost 3 pounds from her 9 month appointment and up from 78th percentile

31 inches - 96th percentile - up 1 inch and down from 99th percentile

46 cm head circumference - 77th percentile - up 1 1/4 cm and up from 73rd percenetile

Miss Lauren was very happy with how Olivia is growing and thinks the world of her.  :)  I have to say, I love Miss Lauren!  She has been there since the beginning and has always helped us with any questions we've had about Olivia and her development and growth. 

O also got 3 shots today...... :(  It was horrible.  I've never seen her cry like she did today.  It definitely brought tears to my eyes and I just wanted to make the pain go away.  It only lasted for a few minutes, but those minutes seemed to last forever!  We go back in 3 months, so hopefully it won't be as bad next time!

Our baby girl is growing so fast and so well.  She is eating so many different things and loving all of it!  She laughs and sings and says Dadda and Mamma and Uh Oh when she drops things. 

Tonight at Grandma and Grandpa's house, she found Adam's cell phone (an old one of Grandpa's without the battery) and we caught her with it up to her ear having a conversation......oh boy are we in for it!!!

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