Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 Month Appointment

Olivia had her 2 month appointment this morning. This meant she had to have some shots. Boooo! Lucky for her, she only needed two vaccines, but it was still hard for her (and for me!).

Her stats at 2 months old:

10 pounds 15 oz - 54th percentile
24 inches - 96th percentile
39.5 cm head circumference - 71st percentile

She had a great appointment and only cried after her second shot. And when she cried......she cried! It was so sad, but I held it together and comforted her until she was smiling again.

All in all, she is super healthy! Growing fantastically and has wonderful breath sounds and heartrate. The nurse was very pleased (again) with her progress.

Lee will set up the home studio in the next few days to take her 2 month photos, so stay tuned!

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