Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Weekend - Part II

Easter Sunday was another wonderful day!  Started off very relaxing at home and then Lee began making the deviled eggs we were to bring over to mom and dad's for Easter lunch!  We all got ready and headed over around 11:30.  It was great to spend the afternoon with my family and see Adam on his first Sunday!  What a cutie that boy is.  I can't say it enough!  Lee didn't get many pictures, but mom and Mark sure did! 

Our lunch consisted of ham that Maureen and Andy brought and cooked, mac 'n cheese that dad made, green beans, rolls and a salad!  It was a very nice lunch and everybody enjoyed every bite!  After lunch, we all made it outside for some bubbles!  Adam seemed interested for about a second or two, but it was the adults who enjoyed the magic bubble wand the most!  Andrew played a game with Liddy called "how high can you jump for a silly stick".  And boy did she jump!!! 

Here are a bunch of pics from the day!  Enjoy!

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