Monday, June 23, 2008

First Day of Summer BBQ

Saturday Lee and I had his family over for a BBQ. We did the normal dogs, burgers, sausages for the main meal and I made my sister's Bok Choy Salaaaaaad (there's a reason for all the a's, since my sister and brother-in-law like to sing that when they say it). I now have all my in-laws doing the same thing. Thanks Maureen and Andy! Anyway, I also prepared a pasta salad that ended up being delicious! It was so simple, but the dressing made it spectacular!! It is a Greek marinade/dressing from Greek Gazebo. My co-worker suggested it and I'm SO glad she did. Yumm-o! I made margaritas (apparently a little strong...woops!) and we had iced tea, lemonade, beer and water as well. All in all, it was a great time. They didn't stay too long and we had TONS of leftovers! Greg and Sarah were kind enough to grace us with their presence on Sunday to help us eat more of the food and drink more of the drink! It was a great weekend!

And.....before Greg and Sarah came over, Lee talked me into going on a bike ride with him. We ended up doing about 18 miles! That is the longest road bike ride I've ever been on! It was great. The weather was perfect! I look forward to getting out there again!! I wasn't too keen on going but Lee coaxed me into going and I'm glad I did!!

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Maureen Gribble said...

I'm glad everything turned out so well! Sorry we couldn't help with the leftovers!