Friday, June 20, 2008

Broadlands Live

Tonight, Lee and I went to Broadlands Live. We don't actually live in Broadlands but they are kind enough to let other Ashburnites into the venue. It was actually pretty cool. There were about 8,482 kids with 8,482 strollers and/or wagons, but all in all......a great time! I know we will be better prepared next time we go. The rules stated no glass bottles, and for those of you who know us, you know we don't do canned beer. So, we came empty handed. Lee brought a couple airplane bottles of Jack for his coke, but that was about it. We learned that we can bring bottles in our cooler but we have to pour the beer into plastic or styrofoam cups. Good to know for next time!!! Also, we might have been the only people there that weren't chasing kids all over the place. As fun as that might be, it was nice to just sit still and listen to halfway decent music. If the sound guys could just figure out their equipment we might just be able to hear the music!! I'm sure they'll get all the glitches worked out for the next show.....Gonzo's Nose will be there! So far we are really enjoying living in Ashburn.

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