Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas with Anne and Jim

The Wednesday after Christmas, mom's brother and sister, my godparents, Anne and Jim came up to visit and exchange Christmas gifts with all of us.  We had a great prime rib dinner and enjoyed opening gifts.  Olivia made out with a TON of new clothes from Anne and Jim and I walked away with some wonderful jewelry and some fabulous VT napkins and coasters!  Andrew did pretty well too, scoring some Bulldogs gear to help his school spirit out a know, because his step mother was voted Most Spirited senior year!  Just sayin!  But I digress.......I took a few pics with my fancy new camera!

Mom wearing the new sweater and scarf I got her!
Anne....apparently surprised I'm taking a pic!
Self portrait with Jim 

We had a great time and Olivia enjoyed hanging out with her Great Aunt Anne and Great Uncle Jim!

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