Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

This year the Watson's hosted Christmas Eve at their home.  I think Lee may have started a tradition last year by making lasagnas for dinner, so, he did it again this year!  They were delicious!  The whole family was able to be there except for the NC Baileys, but we had a great time.  

Christmas Eve was also Olivia's 8 month birthday, so a little photo shoot was an order!

After the photo shoot, it was time for Olivia to eat her dinner!  This did not go over too well because there were SO many distractions.  All good ones though!

After Olivia enjoyed what she ate of her dinner, it was time for pajamas!  Our little Santa Baby stole the show!

Nana and Papa with Santa Olivia
Olivia with Aunt Helen
Sarah with Olivia
Cole being so sweet with Olivia
 Time for presents!

Bob's new weight bench
Cole opening his Woody doll!  He LOVED it
Cole and Jaci
Opening my Pandora bracelet from Danielle!
 What a great Christmas Eve!  It was a late night for Olivia but she was such a great sport and slept so well.  Stay tuned for the Christmas Day post!!!

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